Christopher McGoldrick was born and raised in northern New Jersey. As a young child he was always considered a bit of a dreamer. At school it was called day-dreaming, at home they said he just had an active imagination, but to him…it was just normal. No matter where he was, no matter what was going on around him, he would always find himself just drifting off into his own world.

As Christopher grew older his imagination continued to grow with him. After taking a high school creative writing class with one of the most influential teachers the educational system has ever seen he became interested in all sorts of storytelling. It was then that writing had become a huge part of his life. A way to embrace the imagination that so many other teachers tried to suppress and create something with a pen and paper.

During college Christopher continued to write, but as time went on, and life got busier, it became harder and harder to do it on a regular basis. Eventually, he was hardly writing at all and the stories and worlds created by his imagination were trapped in his head once again.

After college Christopher married the love of his life, Kim, and started a family. As his family grew he knew he wanted his children to grow up in a world where anything could happen. A place where any dream could come true. The more he thought about that, the more he remembered his dream of being a writer. That was when he decided to start writing again.

Now, Christopher lives in Orange County, New York with his wife and their four children. As his kids get older they have more and more of their own activities and sports that they love to do, but they still spend as much time as they can together. In those moments he knows they are making memories that he wouldn’t trade for anything.

When Christopher is not with his family he is spending as much time as he can writing. He is focused on making his love for words a career and the overwhelming amount of support he has received from his family only encourages him that much more.

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